Why Is Virtualization Important For Businesses?

Most people think of virtualization to run multiple operating systems on one computer. Although that is one widespread use of virtualization, there are many other reasons businesses should be using it. 

This article will explore five of the most essential advantages of virtualization for businesses. But before everything else, let us understand what it actually is.

What Is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of something, such as a computer program, a server, or a storage device. Virtualization allows one physical object to be divided into multiple logical objects, each with its own attributes and functions. There are different types of virtualization, but the most common type is server and desktop virtualization.

How Virtualization Can Help Improve Efficiency & Save Money?

One of the main benefits of virtualization is that it can help improve the efficiency of a business. How? Let’s find out! Businesses can run more applications and services on fewer physical machines by creating virtual versions of servers, storage devices and other IT resources. 

This can help reduce energy costs and make the most available hardware. Virtualization can also help businesses save money on their IT budgets. By consolidating multiple physical servers onto a single virtual server, businesses can save on energy, cooling and maintenance fees. 

Virtualizing storage devices can also help businesses reduce their storage footprint and save on the cost of storage hardware. Additionally it can help manage risk. By creating a separate environment to test the impact of patches and updates before applying them across the network, businesses can minimize downtime and the risk of system crashes. 

In addition, by backing up live virtual servers, businesses can protect their data if a hardware failure occurs.

Top 5 Advantages Of Using A Virtualized Environment

A virtualized environment can provide several advantages over a traditional physical environment. Here are the top 5 advantages:

  • Increased Efficiency – As mentioned previously, a virtualized environment can help businesses use resources more effectively. For example, a business can use a single server to host multiple virtual machines, which can help reduce the amount of hardware needed.
  • Reduced Costs – Virtualization can also help businesses reduce their costs by using fewer resources. For example, businesses can save money on energy costs by using virtual machines powered down when they are not in use.
  • Improved Availability – Virtualization can also improve availability by providing redundancy and fault tolerance. This means a system can continue to operate even if it experiences a failure, and the capacity of a single system can be increased by adding more virtual machines.
  • Enhanced Security – Virtualization can enhance security through isolation, which means each virtual environment is entirely separate from the others. For example, if a virtual machine is compromised, it will not affect the other machines on the network.
  • Streamlined Administration – Virtualization can also streamline administration by allowing a single interface to easily manage systems and networks. For example, virtual machines can be created, configured and deleted without modifying the underlying physical systems.


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