Sea Change’s virtualization solutions allow clients to maximize hardware resources and increase flexibility. Utilizing either VMWare or Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology, a single hardware platform can support multiple server environments. This consolidation can reduce capital costs as well as increasing business continuity.

There are several types of virtualization that many businesses and individuals already use (perhaps without even knowing it). These include desktop virtualization (which offloads the processing for display on a tablet or smartphone to a virtual desktop), server virtualization (which allows several VMs to run on the same hardware), and application virtualization (wherein an application is hosted remotely and delivered to users on their personal devices).

Sea Change will work with you to understand the needs and goals of your business helping you make a smart decision that leverages the potential of virtualization.

Sea Change offers support to businesses and clients transitioning to the virtual world. Preparation includes securing sensitive data, upgrading or modifying hardware to accommodate servers to host applications in VMs, and predicting and monitoring usage demands to optimize speed and performance of shared applications.