Virtualization services lets you create simulated environments or dedicated resources from a single, physical hardware system. It will enable you to use a physical machine’s full potential by distributing its capabilities among many users or environments. 

Sea Change’s virtualization solutions allow clients to maximize hardware resources and increase flexibility. Using either Microsoft or VMWare’s Hyper-V technology, a single hardware program can support many server environments. As a result, this alliance can reduce capital costs as well as increase business continuity.

Sea Change will work with you to understand the needs and goals of your business, helping you make an intelligent decision that leverages the potential of virtualization.

Types of virtualization services

There are many types of virtualization that many businesses and individuals already use (perhaps without even knowing it). These include desktop virtualization (which offloads the processing for display on a tablet or smartphone to a virtual desktop), server virtualization (which allows several VMs to run on the same hardware) & application virtualization (wherein an application is hosted remotely and delivered to users on their personal devices).

Virtualization services for your businesses allow you to divide the mail server into two unique ones that can handle independent tasks so the legacy apps can be migrated. Simply, it is the very same hardware; you are just utilizing it more efficiently.

There are 5 types of virtualization services that Sea Change offers: desktop virtualization, data virtualization, operating system virtualization, server virtualization & network functions virtualization.

Benefits of Virtualization

  • Lowers the total cost of ownership – Virtualization services make your current hardware more efficient & allow you to use legacy equipment. Additionally, fewer servers & related IT hardware mean reducing the physical space needed to house your equipment. Virtual server union requires no extra cooling or electricity at your location.
  • Increases the availability of hardware & applications – Enhances the business connection by securely backing up & moving entire virtual environments without interruption in service. Eliminate planned downtime & recover immediately from unexpected issues.
  • Increased efficiency – Deploy, manage, test & monitor secure desktop environments that users can access locally or remotely, with or without a web network connection, on almost any standard laptop, desktop, or tablet PC. IT Managers & Administrators can accomplish more duties as there are fewer servers to manage.

Sea Change offers support to businesses & clients transitioning to the virtual environment. Preparation includes securing sensitive data, upgrading or modifying hardware to accommodate servers to host applications in VMs & predicting & monitoring usage demands to optimize the speed & performance of shared applications.

Sea Change Systems’ Virtualization Consulting Services

Sea Change Systems provides possible consulting services for companies looking to increase productivity while reducing IT infrastructure costs.

Sea Change Systems’ Virtualization Consulting Services deliver end-to-end solutions with its expertise on market-leading platforms. With proven excellence, we can help organizations switch over to a virtualized IT environment & meet the demand for more efficient IT operations.