The Vision

Sea Change was born to help growing companies thrive in an environment where information technology (IT) is critical to business success.

Founded in 1993, Sea Change was established relatively early in the history of information technology. Since its inception, IT has evolved into much more than data processing. Now, IT is about information and data security, work collaboration and data sharing, virtualization, enhanced audio-visual experiences, and privacy.

Recognizing the many opportunities for IT, Sea Change was founded to help growing businesses overcome the challenges to cost-effectively exploit the benefits of technology.

Back in the ‘90s, technology was embraced by many business owners and feared by many others. The potential was obvious, but it was also obvious that the business world would now require new levels of technical expertise to properly integrate these emerging technologies into everyday functions and translating their potential into growth opportunities.

Sea Change had a vision. It was impractical for many growing businesses to hire talented professionals to optimize business operations, and it was unlikely that existing staff could be trained to learn and keep up with changing and increasingly sophisticated technology. Outside help was called for and Sea Change has been answering the call since 1993.

Sea Change assembled a talented team of certified Information Technology professionals with backgrounds in a number of diverse markets. Since its beginning, many other companies have emerged with similar models to Sea Change’s then-innovative approach to IT, but none are as comprehensive in their services nor as individualized and client-focused in their ethos.

Hardware and software have become more sophisticated than most could ever imagine. Networking, wireless applications, security, servers, and file storage are all facets that are profitably understood and leveraged by businesses that have Sea Change working on their behalf.

Today, just like in 1993, many businesses fear having to manage their office technology in a way that increases short-term productivity and long-term success. Some have trained their staff; some have hired in-house IT personnel, and some need outside help. Virtually for all, there is a role for the Sea Change team.