Professionalism, customer service, and a strong foundational understanding that information technology is a tool for our clients to achieve the goals of their organization is the cornerstone of our approach. Read below to see what clients have to say about their experience working with Sea Change Systems.

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Sea Change talks tech, but they also speak plain English. I need that.

We are very pleased how Sea Change has interfaced with our staff.

I have been working with Philip and his team for a number years and have been consistently impressed with their responsiveness, technical expertise, and pragmatism.

We always get EXCELLENT help! The Team is GREAT! Patrick always has the answer and is pleasant and always helpful!!! Also a shout out to Brandon, Dave & Don are all AWESOME!

We have been using Sea Change for many years. We have found them to be very responsive and helpful. As an agency that works with supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries it is so important that our system stays confidential and our emails are encrypted. We are grateful to have them when anything technical goes awry.

I had to set up a new tax office for this season and they were very helpful in designing a system for my needs. Dave as always did a very thorough job in the set up and has me all set for another busy tax season.

Sea Change Systems offers wonderful service, they are professional and personable, fix issues promptly and have an adept skill-set.

I was not able to obtain a response from Microsoft regarding how to upgrade their 365 product. I called Sea Change and Phillip Adams walked me through the process. This was critical so that I did not lose many years of email history during the upgrade process. I would highly recommend this company.

I have been working with Philip and his team for a number years and have been consistently impressed with their responsiveness, technical expertise, and pragmatism.

Very happy with our new IT company. Always helpful, prompt and knowledgeable.

SeaChange always resolves my issues quickly and professionally. Very happy with their work.

Timely, professional and knowledgeable services every time!!! Strongly recommend!

We serve children, adolescents, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We needed immediate software, encryption, and protections on our computer and more. We initially contacted Microsoft and Microsoft immediately refused our request and referred us to a third-party vendor. We chose Sea Change! Sea Change has provided services for our company for the past 3 years. In those 3-years, we’ve had immediate, quality, and efficient IT services tailored to meet our needs. Most importantly, the Tech professionals that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, work together as a Team, no member above the other. We appreciate the refusal of service that Microsoft initially gave us, because that led to what we hope to be a life long partnership with Sea Change!

Seachange is great, every time I call they always have a speedy response, and always take care of the issues I need resolved. friendly staff and always willing to help their customers out. i always refer Seachange as a number 1 Tech / computer support company. Thanks Guys, keep up the awesome service!!!

We've worked with Sea Change for a couple of years now. I can't say enough good things about the company. They've been wonderful setting up our IT system initially and then great as we've expanded and added on. For my law partners who are a little *cough* older and less tech savvy the help line has been a god-send. It took me a couple of times to remind my partners to call the help line instead of me but once they did it's saved me so much time. All of their staff are super easy to talk to and very polite. Shout out to Brandon who really goes above and beyond.

We've had Sea Change on -board for several years now and couldn't me more satisfied. Calls always returned promptly if not answered immediately. I'm the most computer illiterate guy you'll ever meet, but once they're on the line they can take over my computer remotely, and like magic get me back on course.

Always most patient and helpful. Very friendly, knowledgeable team!

I've worked with Sea Change for 8 years now. I have had nothing but good results whenever we have tech problems. The IT professionals are always very responsive, and work with us to resolve any issues that we have.

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With the increased sophistication of IT computing has come increased risk of exposure of personal data. Sea Change protects against internet probes and hackers. Sea Change reduces the threat of data breaches and minimizes damage from existing incidents.