Security Solutions

The first, most important step in protecting your business is understanding the single basic concept that security is a service, not a piece of hardware or software.

Deploying a firewall, for example, that is not managed to address the many changing threats to your business can lead to a dangerously false sense of security.

Sea Change utilizes an approach called Unified Threat Management. The UTM approach takes a comprehensive look at all potential threats from external and internal sources that can adversely impact your networks, systems, and productivity. The Sea Change team of professionals addresses these threats in an organized, robust, and dynamic manner.

Hackers and viruses that cause system-wide downtime often get considerable media attention and pose a considerable business risk. Subtler threats such as spam and phishing emails pose an even more insidious threat to a business’s productivity. Sea Change combats this assault with various initiatives.

Comprehensive security solutions include:

  • Security Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Network Security Appliance Installation & Support
  • Threat (virus, spyware, etc.) protection
  • Email Filtering
  • Email Compliance & Encryption
  • Web & Content Filtering

Sea Change believes that businesses deserve to understand the threats to their privacy and the risks these pose to their daily operations. The Sea Change IT experts will review these and other threats to your individual business as part of your  Free Analysis.