Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security services are critical to your business! Call Sea Change Systems for your cybersecurity services & security solutions.

Effective cybersecurity and major security solutions for your business are more important now than ever! News of almost daily security breaches have made people very nervous about what they do online. These constant invasions have caused people to blame corporate security practices for not protecting their data from threats. To prevent these cybersecurity breaches, it is important to have a solid foundation of cybersecurity in your business.

The majority of data breaches happen because of IT management mistakes. For example, without applying security patches, known malware will go undetected compromising data, security, and productivity. Sea Change Systems uses a multi-layered approach or security stack to protect your business for you.

The first & foremost important step in protecting your business is understanding the single basic concept that security is a service, not a piece of hardware or software. Using a firewall, for instance, that is not directed to address the many dynamic threats to your company can lead to a severely false sense of security.

Last year, a news magazine provided a great example when it revealed a breach that occurred in a company that exposed its customers’ personal information. This company initially blamed the breach on a significant and sustained cyber-attack. The magazine subsequently learned that the breach was caused by an unprotected software program’s vulnerability. This is something that could have been prevented.

These types of outbreaks are caused by a lack of protection from cyber invasions. A single data breach has the potential to shut down your business for good. Cybersecurity solutions from Sea Change Systems ensure that breaches never occur through constant monitoring from cybersecurity experts and by installing automated, cutting-edge security software — all while remaining industry compliant.

Our multi-layered, advanced security solution offers 360° protection, including everything from penetration testing and intrusion detection to perimeter management and vulnerability testing. Don’t leave your business’s protection to chance. Opt for our low-cost, high-impact cybersecurity solutions instead.

Our Approach Through Cyber Security Services

Critical to the Sea Change Systems’ approach is the concept of the security stack. This multi-layered approach takes a comprehensive look at all potential threats and attack vectors from external and internal sources that can adversely impact your networks, systems, and productivity. Sea Change System’s team of professionals address these threats in an organized, robust, and dynamic manner.

Hackers and viruses that cause system-wide downtime often get considerable media attention and pose a considerable business risk. Subtler threats such as spam and phishing emails pose an even more insidious threat to a business’s productivity. Sea Change Systems combats this assault with various initiatives.

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Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions Include:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Patch
  • Firewall
  • Backups
  • Mail Protection
  • Malicious URL Filtering
  • Password Management
  • Application Control
  • Recovery Testing
  • User Training
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Sea Change believes that businesses deserve to understand the threats to their privacy and the risks these pose to their daily operations. The Sea Change IT experts will review these and other threats to your business as part of your Free Analysis.