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62% of SMBs lack the in-house skills to handle cybersecurity. Cyber attacks are happening more often than we would like. Is your business cyber secure? Are you able to handle the financial loss as a result of a data breach or cyber attack? What about the loss of trust with your clients if their data is compromised?

You have too much on the line to not have an experienced managed security and cybersecurity expert on your team to minimize the risk of data breaches and cyber threats. Leave your cybersecurity management to the experts. Sea Change Systems is the expert you need.

Cybersecurity Solutions

With the increased sophistication of IT, risk of exposure of personal data has also increased. Sea Change Systems cybersecurity solutions protects against internet probes and hackers. Sea Change reduces the threat of data breaches and minimizes damage from existing incidents.

Managed IT Services

Sea Change improves performance and cuts costs through a continuous process of analytical consulting, systems engineering, and process monitoring.

Flexible Cloud Solutions for Small Business Growth

Cloud & Hosting Solutions

Cloud hosting allows growing businesses to use a virtual server in the cloud, thereby eliminating the expense of on-premise hardware. Many growing businesses rely on cloud storage for routine operations. Sea Change selects the best options for meeting cloud computing needs.

Microsoft 365

Sea Change implements and supports Microsoft 365, which is a suite of cloud-based solutions from Microsoft that permits work anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Onsite & Remote Support

Operating in small field teams supplemented by a centralized help desk, Sea Change provides service that is timely, expert, and personal delivering a combination of on-site and remote IT services to suit any business.


Sea Change promotes hardware virtualizing, which is essential to efficiently grow a business by maximizing hardware resources and reducing capital costs to increase flexibility and continuity.

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Welcome to Sea Change Systems

New England & Texas’ Premier Business IT Service Provider

Welcome to Sea Change, specializing in IT services for growing businesses throughout New England and Texas. With corporate IT service offices in Boston, MA and Austin, TX, Sea Change provides various security and managed services to small businesses nationwide. IT Services include cloud computing, virtualization, remote help desk, and in-office support. Sea Change meets your IT needs while you focus exclusively on your business.

Meeting All Your IT Needs So You Can Focus On Your Business​

Technology has become an integral part of every business operation, and it is essential to have a reliable IT partner that can provide comprehensive solutions to support your business goals. At Sea Change Systems, we offer a wide range of IT services that are designed to help businesses keep up with the latest technology trends and stay competitive in today’s market. Our goal is to help you maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing downtime and costs.

Best IT Service Provider For In-Office & Remote Support​

With corporate offices in Boston, MA and Austin, TX & field offices throughout Texas, Massachusetts, Maine & New Hampshire, Sea Change provides the perfect IT outsourcing choice with multiple regional contacts. Sea Change offers in-office & remote support & virtual storage, and cloud computing products & training. Unlike companies that only provide hardware repair or cloud computing services, Sea Change meets all your IT needs.


We are very pleased how Sea Change has interfaced with our staff.

Sea Change talks tech, but they also speak plain English. I need that.

I have been working with Philip and his team for a number years and have been consistently impressed with their responsiveness, technical expertise, and pragmatism.


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Frequently Asked Questions

‘IT Services’ are services associated with the application of business and technical expertise that aid organizations in the management, accessibility, security, and optimization of their information and processes.

An IT firm is a company that renders direct IT support, IT management, infrastructure services or physical and network/data security services to companies that actually don’t have the expertise or desire to hire an internal information technology team.

IT Firms or Companies sell services surrounding software, hardware, or management services.

With corporate IT services offices in Boston, MA, and Austin, TX, Sea Change Systems provides various security and managed IT services to small businesses nationwide. 

Our IT services include Managed IT Services, Cloud & Hosting Solutions, Microsoft 365, Voice & Data Solutions, Installation & Procurement, Project Management, Cyber Security Solutions, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Remote Help Desk & In-Office Support.

We need information technology in today’s society to establish and maintain effective communication, optimize organizational processes, maintain electronic storage, and increase business security.

Knowledge of how IT works enhances the decision-making process for employers, improves business efficiency, and presents a competitive edge to the company that knows more than their competitors.

IT infrastructure services include the services and systems required to run a business: communication services, networking, data processing, operations, and storage. These enable an organization to deliver its services to its clients and provides an efficient operational infrastructure for its employees.

Sea Change Systems has a proven track record of delivering high-quality IT services that will exceed your expectations. We are a trusted name in the IT industry and we ensure that our services are tailored and executed based on our clients’ needs. The IT professionals at Sea Change Systems stay abreast of the latest developments in information technology in order to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. 

With over 100 experts and technicians, our team is qualified to determine the best technological solutions for your business.

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With the increased sophistication of IT computing has come increased risk of exposure of personal data. Sea Change protects against internet probes and hackers. Sea Change reduces the threat of data breaches and minimizes damage from existing incidents.